Rémy Groussard born in 1995 in France, Vichy. With baccalaureate, he started commercial studies, but quickly understood that he wanted to make something by himself and didn’t need the school system which is not done for him.
By misfortune or by chance when he was 19 year old, his father did a bankrupt in France.
As he wanted to help him (without any money) he took the decision to go somewhere cheap, and with low fees – Bulgaria. The only money that he gets, was 2000€ from his grand mother. She was the only one who trusted in his crazy project to make great again the company of his father. Today, he has 115 employees, he’s 23 years old and with his benefit margin he bought the company of his father in France, who is working there. The Bulgaria learned him so many things… Business, human, social…”