Here at TTEC we cherish multicultural activities and various representations of art. We don’t accept boundaries but we respect traditions. Our company was founded in 1982 in USA and in 2014 started operating on Bulgarian market. Ever since that we have never stopped believing in the magic of actual career development based on hard- working manners, extraordinary power of devotion and unlimited desire to grow the business. TTEC is such a company that not only supports art and culture but tries to incarnate that in our values, as team work is what matters for us to stay strong on the market.

When we focused our attention on TEDxPlovdiv we found ourselves driven by the same energy our employees seek for in terms of outstanding opportunities for better personal approach. When I started looking for a job the most important criteria was the working environment. Here at TTEC I found not just young but also spiritual colleagues that sing songs and play guitar in their down time. This is also the reason why the entire team was so excited about TTEC’s sponsoring TEDxPlovdiv. We both combine the magic of art and the ancient scent of Plovdiv as our cultural capital this year. Nevertheless we believe in the fusion of friendly, open-minded and hardworking processes that everyone can find both at TTEC and TEDxPlovdiv.

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